Why are you called Footfall Theatre?

We chose the name for a number of different reasons. A foot is a basic metric unit in verse and all of our ideas grow from the heart of the verse. The feet within a verse are constantly moving forwards, just as we want to continue to tread new ground within our work.

We also liked the connection that ‘footfall’ has with the earth. We want to make productions that are rooted in the physical and feel real and tangible. Footfalls leave a traceable mark in the ground they are trodden into and we hope that our productions will leave a mark on their audiences and in the world of feminist theatre.


Do you need to know the original play to understand our production?

No, we make productions that try to be easy to follow and accessible to people who aren’t familiar with the original text


Are you a feminist theatre company?

Yes, we are a theatre company of feminists and identify as a feminist theatre company