Our Process

We are a collaborative theatre company. ‘Collaboration’ means different things to different people; for us, it means two things:

First, we aim to collaborate with a variety of different practitioners – including designers, musicians and even dancers or artists. Since we want to constantly develop our artistic and theatre style, we are open to using a variety of different mediums, as well as different styles of music or movements, to achieve this. Although Footfall Theatre productions will share the same beliefs at their heart, they will always be different in aesthetic, style and mood.

While we are developing our scripts, collaboration within the rehearsal rooms means that every actor involved in workshopping the texts is given a platform to express their ideas and thoughts. So in addition to the director, designers and producer, each actor is part of the collaborative process and is equally invested in the work that eventually gets put on stage. This creates a shared and common vision and aim among every participant in each production, as well as incorporating a wide variety of ideas and outlooks. To work on a Footfall Production allows you to develop your creative voice, and share a contribution to the overall story that is told.

If you are interested in working with us we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here